Incorporated in 2000, Prophagia inc. is a spin off from Ste. Anne's Hospital, a Veterans Affairs Canada establishment, where the technology was initially developed.

In fact, Prophagia's technological endeavours started in the early nineties, while looking for solutions for the alarming dysphagia problem which affected over 40% of Ste. Anne's Hospital clientele.

Scientific studies report that dysphagia currently affects up to 70% of institutionalized seniors and about 10% of individuals over 65.

Prophagia's team of experts offers unique and diverse experiences:
• Scientific competencies in human nutrition, colloid chemistry and food rheology;
• Unique clinical expertise in the efficient treatment of dysphagia;
• More than 15 years of experience and investment dedicated to the development of technologies for the treatment of dysphagia.

Prophagia offers licensing for the production/marketing of technologies, such as the Epikura line of therapeutic foods, a world premiere in dietary solutions for people with dysphagia.